At Capital Cities, LLC we make it personal. We believe that every client relationship is a personal relationship and that each client deserves a committed team of seasoned professionals to help navigate today’s challenging institutional investment landscape. We believe that this approach applies to each and every client relationship and for all matters, big and small.

Our team works diligently to earn clients’ trust and to extend that trust to internal and external stakeholders. We approach each client engagement thinking “What would we do if we were you?” Our goal is to over deliver on our relationships and our motto is good is not good enough when it comes to taking care of our clients.

Capital Cities, Indianapolis, IN

Institutional Investing Made Personal

Founded in 1998, we are an independent and deeply experienced investment advisory firm with over $35 billion in assets under advisement.* We are committed to providing comprehensive consulting solutions to institutional clients, including: public funds, retirement plans, foundations, endowments, trusts and operating funds. Our clients enjoy the advantages of big thinking and execution, without the bureaucracy and costs associated with a larger firm.

Our Focus

Our sole focus is to deliver objective advice based on proactive thinking. From day one, we strive to provide a framework for success across all aspects of our clients’ fiduciary duties. Through this approach, our clients have the opportunity to improve performance and risk management, and to enjoy the administrative ease and reduced expenses that Capital Cities provides. We are often valued as an extension of our clients’ internal staff.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to delivering the highest level of client service at good value reflects the Midwestern work ethic of our founders and our team of seasoned professionals. High client retention rates are proof that at Capital Cities “institutional investing made personal” really works.

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